Customer Relationship Manager WooCommerce插件

It’s finally here. This essential extension is designed to help you manage your customers quickly, efficiently and easily.

Guests Included


Filter Customers


Exporting Contacts


Send Emails To Multiple Customers

If you want to announce something quick to a small number of customers, just select the customers and then click on “Send E-mail”, it’s that easy.

Place Calls

Using VoIP softwares or SIP phones such as Skype or Microsoft Communicator, placing phone calls has never been so easy. All you need to do is click on “Call Customer” action button and voila, the call is made.

View Orders

Viewing the orders placed by the customer has been made even easier. Find the customer and then click on “View Orders” action button. It will take you to the Orders page with the customer filtered for you.

Financial Activity

View your customers financial activity at your store at a glance. View their total spent, when the last time they spent and when they first spent their money at your store.

Newsletter Integration

Check if your customers have enrolled in your newsletter via MailChimp. No third party extension is required. Just put in your API key (which you can get from MailChimp) and you’re set to go.

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